Real Bread Week

The 24th February – 4th March is earmarked in the bakery calendar as Real Bread Week.
The Real Bread Campaign work to promote the making and eating of real bread – so bread made without artificial additives, preservatives or processing aids, like the bread we sell in our shops.
In support of the Real Bread Campaign, who spend all year championing the work of artisan bakeries like us, we’ve got ourselves organised and have a couple of fun curveballs lined up for the week.

Firstly, we’ll be guesting a different loaf for each day of Real Bread Week. Each one devised by a different baker in our team, giving them the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and gloat when they find out who’s loaf was most popular.
We’re also running a (lo-fi) competition on social media, asking people to suggest bread flavour combos that we can make and guest. The winning suggestion will be made for the shops on Saturday (3rd) and the suggester of said loaf will get to take a loaf away for free. So if you have a dream loaf flavour combo you’re dying to try holler at us, hopefully we’re up to the task…

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