Fermentation Station

Those of you who are regulars at our Duke Street shop will know that we’ve been on something of a fermenting frenzy since opening the shop (almost!) a year ago.

The interest in fermenting, pickling and culturing came as a natural extension of our style and attitude towards bread making. Going with micro rather than macro, taking our time, using seasonal ingredients and doing our best to take simple things and get the best out of them.

Fermented foods have a whole host of health benefits, largely to do with encouraging friendly gut flora and being a gentler already partially broken down foodstuff. Which essentially means your digestive system already has a bit of a helping hand to chew through things, but, most importantly to us, they taste fantastic.

Fermented fruits, vegetables and dairy products have been an absolute triumph on our Kitchen Table menu. The spicy sour kick of kimchi on a toastie is a firm favourite, whilst our kefir cultured cream lends a welcome tang on the side of a croissant bread & butter pudding.

Keen to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for fermented foods with as many people who are willing to listen, we have embarked upon a series of fermentation workshops taking place in Duke Street this year. Covering a range of foods from, krauts, to drinks, to pickles, we hope to be able to give people an insight into what we’ve learnt and how to make and use fermented foods as an addition to their everyday cooking and eating.

Next up on the schedule is Fermented Drinks, where we will be looking at how to make naturally sparkling beverages using kefir grains, tepache and kvass. Matt and Julie will have a range of drinks made to try, whilst taking you through first and secondary fermentation, recipes and troubleshooting. You will then be able to take your drinks home with you and continue to cultivate them from the batch you have started at the workshop.

For booking and news on future workshops see our events page and sign up to our mailing list for more info. For general eating of fermented food, come see us at Kitchen Table, Duke Street.

Fermented Drinks Workshop is on Thursday 15th March 2018 5pm-6:30pm

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